AGM - 9 July 2015 


Attendees :  Josie St Juste Senior (JSJS) ; Clive Marritt (CM); Yogesh Parekh (YP) ; Jeff Porter (JP); Gary Clements (GC) ; Lisa Westall (LW); Charles Perry (CP); Jennie Mullins (JM) ; Debby Webb (DW); Agatha Ferraro (AF); Marie-Elaine Frith (MEF) (spider-phone); Nicola Foy (NF) (spider-phone).

Apologies : Mel Baldwin ; Jo Vigor ; Phillip Morrison ; Gokay Nevzat ; James Kennedy (HASSRA London Business Partner).

Note of meeting : Annemarie McNeely (AM).


Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was opened and attendees introduced themselves for the benefit of colleagues dialling in by spider-phone.

Chairs report.

CP reflected in his report that it had been a challenging year for him due to personal circumstances and had therefore taken the very difficult decision to step down as chair of HASSRA Health London (HHL). 

HHL, had in the main a brilliant year and most clubs had managed to sustain their activities.  CP recognised that there had been some difficulties with the continuation of the choir and had resulted in it being wound up for the time being.

CP paid tribute to the Events sub-committee, under the chairmanship of JP.  CP thanked JP the committee for their work on promoting the social activity side of the club.  The formation of the committee had been a huge step forward.

CP thanked SC and YP for all their work on the Finance sub-committee. Given the myriad of challenges SC inherited as Treasurer.   SC had done a sterling job in pulling the accounts together.

CP paid a formal tribute to JK, the HASSRA London Business Partner.  CP thanked him for all his support, help, advice and tenacity – working our fledgling club through processes and procedures.   JK’s advice and support enabled the installation of the new Richmond House gym and the purchase of a piano, which has been used by the choir and also individual HASSRA members.  JK has been a huge support and advocate for our club and he will be missed.  We wish him well in his new job   

CP also congratulated CM on his Outstanding Service Award for the Tennis Club.

Going forward CP noted that:

  • the committee should continue on with its work to integrate the wider DH family into HHL, so that there is broader ownership;

  • work with the HWB Programme to explore opening a well-being space in Wellington House.


CP finished by thanking the HHL committee for all their work over the year.


Secretary’s report.

AM gave a formal vote of thanks to CP for all his enthusiasm and work behind the scenes as chair, which had enabled HHL to go forward on strong foundations.  AM also thanked MEF for all the time and effort she had put into the membership, communications and the issue of our first newsletter!  AM further thanked past committee members and colleagues who had agreed to stand for the forthcoming year.

As mentioned in the chairs report AM also felt that the Events Sub-Committee had been a huge step for HHL and was mainly spearheaded by JP and LW.  In a sort space of time the HHL social event calendar was kick-started and included a trip to Kempton and a very well attended Quiz Night which raised £352.00 for a local charity.  AM formally thanked JP, LW and the committee.

This year saw the re-branding of HHL, with logo and merchandise for all occasions ! Thanks to SC for all his work on this.

HHL Single Activity Clubs and Gym Club continue to go from strength to strength and AM formally thanked all the leads and the Gym Committee for their hard work.

AM added to the chairs thanks to JK, who has been a fantastic support and oracle, always on hand to assist or provide direction.  JK will be a hard act to follow and will be missed.  AM invited the BOM of 2014 to join her in expressing our sincere gratitude to JK and to wish him all the very best for future.


Treasurer’s report

SC advised that the accounts audited in May 2015 and the auditors were generally content with continued improved record of income and expenditure of the club account.

  • Closing balance at the end of 2014 equated to £21,463.39;

  • Total annual income £27,491.55;

  • Total expenditure £22,797.58


Auditor feedback highlighted :

  • More timely deposits into the bank following receipt issue;

  • The need for Single Activity Leads to pass member payments regularly and as early as possible;

  • Banking money received, by receipt numbers to make reconciliations easier for treasurer and auditors;

  • Finance sub-committee to meet on a monthly basis to discuss accounts. Chair to be part of this committee.


AF raised a question about members seeing HHL accounts, SC advised that they could be seen by HHL members at any time.

Auditors for this year :

Phil Gardiner

John Reidy


SC asked that HHL colleagues needed to be mindful that there needed to be an audit trail for every item of expenditure.  There needs to be a record of the agreement and for it to be formally noted.


Single Activity Clubs


The Gym, Pilates and Yoga clubs remained as popular choices for staff across the DH London estate.  Income for Yoga increased by almost 300%!




Zumba has increased its income significantly in 2014 but still needs to increase further to cover the cost of the instructor.  Activity Leads have changed this year and confident income will improve.




There were difficulties with the Choir club, which resulted in it being wound up for the time being.  This was due to the failure of the club to agree a payment structure.




The Gym Club are now making more regular smaller monthly payments to the treasurer for banking purposes this has made gym receipts easier to manage.  The Gym Club will also be moving their accounting year to match with the HHL accounting year.  With the change to the HHL accounting year, the Finance and Gym Committee have agreed that members will be given three months free membership.


5 a side/Snooker and Arch 5


This Clubs have closed, region are picking up any outstanding issues on the finance front.


Other Single Activity Clubs

There are other clubs on the DH estate that are not affiliated to HASSRA and pay monies directly to an instructor.  There is therefore no audit on finances for these clubs.

HHL Board of Management Nominations 2015/16

The following have been proposed by Clive Marritt and seconded by Agatha Ferraro – no other nominations were received.

Board of Management 2015/16 (ratified at AGM 9/7/15)



Lisa Westall

Vice Chair

Charles Perry


Annemarie McNeely

Treasurer and Chair of Finance Sub Committee

Stuart Craig

Membership and Vice Secretary

Marie-Elaine Frith

BOM Member and Single Activity Lead

Gokay Nevzat

BOM Member



BOM Member

Gary Clements

BOM Member

Jennie Mullins

BOM Member

Debby Webb

BOM Member

Yogesh Parekh

BOM Member and Chair of Events Sub- Committee

Jeff Porter

BOM Member

Phil Morrison

BOM Member 

Nicola Foy

BOM Member PHE

Josie Senior-St Juste

BOM Member Monitor

Mel Baldwin

Jo Vigor

BOM Member NHS England




LW looked forward to working with CP going forward and thanked him on for all the work he had put into HHL over the last few years. 

HHL constitution

Amendments to the Constitution were agreed by the meeting.

HHL membership

DH – approximately 490

DH family – approximately 620


MEF would be meeting with JK to discuss membership lists. 


MEF had spoken to the person who had set up the HASSRA Leeds website and the cost of setting up a similar one for HHL would be in the region of £250, with an annual Google fee of £30.  MEF encouraged colleagues to have a look at the HASSRA Leeds site.

CP said that he had spoken to JK about the potential of having a space on the Regional HASSRA London.  SC suggested perhaps a webpage with a link to the regional website.  Agreed, that communications be taken to the BOM for further discussion.